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Over a period of thirteen years I've had the privilege of working on various artistic projects across many mediums. I began my work as an artist through photography and then moved into videography once I began creating content for YouTube. After graduating from high school I shifted my focus to film editing and visual effects but soon there after found my way back to photography as I began to pursue art as my full time career.

In 2016 I unfortunately lost much of my early photography due to a fire that claimed my home. Below you'll find what I've been able to archive so far in regards to my work both in photography and videography. This will constantly be updated as I create and begin new projects however you will only find my visual effects work in my show reel which is available through the home page of my website.

Wooden Faces (2022)

Through the forest a darkness lurks despite the beauty there within, the forest's very essence is a darkness, and its loveliness all the more mysterious. The trees are tall, their branches spread wide; the leaves are green and rustling in the breeze; but somehow we feel that something is wrong, as if evil were lurking far below among the roots. I cannot help dreaming of those other worlds, with their strange lights, and sweet music, and winds that blow softly on distant shores.


Through wooden faces I wanted to explore the beauty and darkness that can sometimes fill the spaces around the most picturesque scenes. There seemed to be some sort of secret between the trees, and I felt drawn toward it, as if it were calling me. I wander into forests like these because they remind me of a place where I lived once and loved so much that I could no longer bear to leave it. I am always amazed how quickly you can come upon such a scene, seemingly from nowhere, yet there's nothing accidental about it; there is no mistaking the fact that here is a lovely place.

This is a mixed media project that consists of photography done by me as well as photos generated from my own photography work using DALL-E-2 AI photo generator as marked by the watermarks.

WET (2020)

Eroticism is always viewed from a very serious lens and I wanted to incorporate elements of eroticism into a photo shoot that perhaps didn't take itself so seriously. My "WET" photo series is an attempt at doing that sort of photo shoot through my own signature style of photography. For me, the most erotic moments in photography are the moments where a model leans into their physical form and accepts their own beauty at face value. There's something really exciting about photographing someone is having them look back at the raw images and gain a confidence boost from how they're framed and how they look. It's always my top priority to help anyone I'm photographing feel confident and attractive behind the lens.

The more photos we took in this session, the more each model became comfortable with the camera and explored with different poses. It was so fun taking these shots with such a close group of people who are all into the same thing. It created a great atmosphere in which everyone could be themselves and feel comfortable and confident at the same time and I think that's what made each photo so much better than the rest.


Before getting into visual effects I was in school for general films studies and fell across a program called "Terragen". This tool was something used in video games and visual effects to generate procedural generated landscapes and planets to be used in animation or to be integrated into visual effects.

I was enamoured by the beautiful sunsets and landscapes I could use it to create. I eventually experimented with testing the limits of the software creating glass landscapes and soupy oceans of pink goo. I never had the most powerful computer but the results of most of my work within this program were *just* satisfactory for me.

Eventually I gave up on trying to create anything further with this project because render times took so long and I never ended up having the hardware to do much else besides these few images I created, but they're visually interesting and beautiful expressions of places I kept within my own mind and it felt important I showcase them.


As a queer teenager I was hanging on the words of the pop stars who had their come up during my own come up. Pop music has been a central part of my life as it has always managed to bring me so much happiness and freedom of expression through living vicariously inside of the worlds these women would create. I would listen to these albums on repeat and create concepts for music videos in my head, I would draw them out, story board them, just to have the concepts on paper.

As I began film school I started experimenting to editing preexisting videos to music, remixing them sort of. Cocorosetta is compilation of Sevdaliza music videos edited together that was one of many video works projected on a wall at a house party I attended in college. Each film student brought their own project and this was mine.

Through this project I learned to have both an ear and eye for editing videos to music, and have since incorporated this editing style into music video projects I have since picked up and began working on.