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Music Production

While there hasn't been a lot that I've publicly published, what I have put out as far as music production goes are some of my favourite works. I started music when I was just a kid with an acoustic guitar and have since become an adult with garage band and baseline knowledge of how to throw samples and vocals together in a way that sounds exciting. 

I had an entire album created called "The Continuum of The Electric Mind" that was 12 tracks I had wrote and produced for the most part on my own. In the end I did work with a few producers to try and fine tune my sound but with little to no budget, I couldn't get my music quite to where I wanted it to be. I hope to some day release more of that album however "Part - Ti" and "V3INZ" are both scrapped tracks from that project. I look forward to releasing more of this work in the future.


Over the pandemic I was working on a podcasting series that I  wanted to do covering particular topics that were very close to my heart. I initially started a podcast called "All Groaned Up". After realizing I wanted to take it a step further and tell immersive audio stories that could both serve as entertainment and education I decided to launch myself in a more professional manner.

With this podcast in particular I learned a lot about audio production, mixing and how to put together a narrative with nothing but a single audio track. This in turn has helped me elevate any video works I make as I found I liked to pay particular attention to how the audio is telling a story.

Both podcast episodes were very involved and emotionally taxing as both were very closely linked with my own identity. On top of that the effort required to push such an immersive narrative is colossal, therefore this project is on ice for the time being until I find my next topic to throw myself into. I don't want to pump out episodes I'm not passionate about, but I really love having this as an available option for my story telling.

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